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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Partagas 1845

Every Sunday our smoke club tries to get together for a weekly smoke.  The weather has not cooperated the last couple weeks due to the cold and snow.  We currently have 30+ inches of snow on the ground.  This week four brave souls joined me.  I decided to try a Partagas 1845 toro.

This was very pleasurable smoke as I tend to enjoy a maduro and a bit of a stronger taste.  This cigar fit the bill as it has a medium to full taste.  The only concern I had was that it burned a bit uneven and required me to re-light the unburned wrapper a couple times which can happen with even the finest smokes, but I still find annoying.  One criteria I use to judge a fine cigar is how well it hold the ash.  My feeling is that if a cigar holds its ash it a good sign of a well constructed cigar.  This Partagas did very well as it produced over a 3" ash before the wind won out and knocked it off.
I would give the Partagas 1845 an above above average rating for a medium to full bodied smoke and would recommend to others and more importantly buy again.

Until next time watch your ash....

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