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Friday, March 23, 2012

Padilla Series '68 Robusto, boxes of 20 only $39.99

Another excellent offering for anyone looking for a great Cigar at a even better price.

Padilla Series '68 Robusto, boxes of 20 only $39.99
packing blunder part deux = 67% savings bedlam (MSRP: $120)
He did it again! Seriously, what the $*%@ is going on here? After nearly 6 months of waiting for more inventory, we finally received our shipment of Padilla Series '68.... and wouldn't you know it, more flippin' refill boxes arrived. Honestly, you can't make this stuff up. Naturally, after a long, shock-induced laugh and several face palms, we're dishing out an absurd deal - the same absurd deal you folks scooped up last summer with reckless abandon. Indeed, these tasty treats are now yours for just $1.99 apiece. A beastly discount on these 93-rated beauties. Padilla Series '68 Robusto, only $39.99 per box of 20.

Be light on your feet, gents. Last year we sold exactly 4,974 of these exact boxes in just 5 short days....and I have a hunch this will sellout even faster.

Padilla Series '68 is a choice Honduran premium comprised of aged Cuban-seed long-fillers from the Jalapa and Condega valleys of Nicaragua inside a thick and leathery Corojo wrapper. Medium to full in body, it's feisty up front, imparting a bold richness throughout with notes of earth, cedar, and coffee. The burn is cool and slow and the aroma is pleasantly sweet, rounding out a lovely, complex blend. Each 5"x50 Series '68 Robusto is delicious and burns true, earning top ratings and stealing the hearts of Padilla fans from sea to shining sea. Let's be honest, at less than two bucks apiece, this is a steal.

A 67% off blowout of monstrous proportions, starting now. Padilla Series '68, just $39.99 per box.

Quantity is limited. Offer good while supplies last.

Link to the offer:
For all my CBS friends keep in mind you are limited to taking home 100 sticks, so don't go to crazy.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Romeo Y Julieta 1875 Habana Reserve Toro

This weeks smoke is a Romeo Y Julieta 1875 Habana Reserve Toro.  I have never been disappointed with Romeo Y Julieta and this was no exception. 

This stick fired up smooth and produced a rich thick smoke from the start that continued down to the butt.  It burned very even throughout and was well constructed as it held a solid long ash.This particular cigar was of medium to full strength body.

If given the opportunity I say never turn down a Romeo Y Julieta and especially the Habana Reserve series.  I highly recommend them.

Until next time watch you ash......

Sunday, March 11, 2012


Today's smoke was a GURKHA Legend.  I am a big fan of just about any GURKHA, and this on did not disappoint.  This stick produces and nice rich smoke a bit on the stronger side the way I like them.  Definitely not a harsh smoke, but stronger than some may like.  It does leave a note of a sweet after taste.

Unfortunately this particular stick did not start out burning evenly, but after reapplying the torch it evened out.  It did hold it's ash very well and smoked nice a slow.  Overall a very pleasurable cigar and despite the uneven start I still highly recommend this cigar as well as most any other GURKHA.

Until next your ash.


I took the opportunity to pull this beauty out of the humidor last week.  The first thing noticed is the huge size and ring gauge.  The cap barely fit in my Xikar for cutting.

The foot lit easy enough and the cigar produced a rich smooth creamy smoke with a slightly nutty taste.  It was on the stronger side which definitely appeals to me.  When tackling one of these make sure you have more than enough time to completely enjoy.  I tend to puff a bit more than others and this one still took all of an hour and I could have made it last longer.

Extremely well constructed and it burned smooth all the way through nice and even.  The initial ash did not fall until it was approx half smoked.  This monster gets an A+ rating and will remain on my want list despite the higher price these demand.

Until next your ash.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Deal of the Week-CI Victor Sinclair


Just wanted to pass along this opportunity I was e-mailed.

Today's 7-day forecast: golden sunny rays of CI goodness across the fruited plain with 100% chance of enjoyable savings. Jose Dominguez added a chunky, 55-ring, box-pressed morsel to one of Victor Sinclair's best brands and you're going to love it. I'm so convinced, I asked Jose to dig deep and make this (absurd) intro deal possible: Connecticut Yankee Box-Pressed - packed in hefty mazos of 20 - for only $29.99.

What's unique about Victor Sinclair's Connecticut Yankee is the wrapper. Neither broadleaf nor shade-grown, this attractive Havana-seed leaf was cultivated from a small region in the Connecticut River Valley. Combined with long-fillers from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, it delivers an intense array of unique flavors with a rich, flavorful core. The 5.5"x55 Box-Press vitola is awesome. This chunky vitola is jam-packed with tobacco and burns slow and cool throughout, serving up a smooth series of toasty, woody notes and a touch of dark chocolate. The box-pressed format delivers these satisfying flavors in a deeply concentrated, but buttery-smooth fashion. Gents, this is worth every bit of $1.49 per cigar.

Twenty 55-ring box-pressed beauties for only $29.99. For the next 7 days only.

Quantity is limited. Offer good while supplies last.

If you are not familiar with Victor Sinclair they are generally highly rated cigars.  At $30 for a bungle of 20 you can hardly go wrong.

Until next time watch your ash.....