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Sunday, March 11, 2012


I took the opportunity to pull this beauty out of the humidor last week.  The first thing noticed is the huge size and ring gauge.  The cap barely fit in my Xikar for cutting.

The foot lit easy enough and the cigar produced a rich smooth creamy smoke with a slightly nutty taste.  It was on the stronger side which definitely appeals to me.  When tackling one of these make sure you have more than enough time to completely enjoy.  I tend to puff a bit more than others and this one still took all of an hour and I could have made it last longer.

Extremely well constructed and it burned smooth all the way through nice and even.  The initial ash did not fall until it was approx half smoked.  This monster gets an A+ rating and will remain on my want list despite the higher price these demand.

Until next your ash.

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